The Top 10 Blogs of 2019

Dentistry Today


Dentistry is no stranger to controversy. When news about the profession breaks into the mainstream media, our commentators fearlessly offer their opinions. Here are the Top 10 Blogs of 2019, based upon traffic at 

“Root Cause” on Netflix: Can Root Canals Make You Sick?

The sensational documentary was based on questionable science, prompting many questions among the mainstream public. Dr. Manor Haas breaks down the film’s flaws and explains how you can best address your patients’ concerns.

Kool Smiles Dental Quietly Changes the Names of Its Clinics

After the death of a child at an Arizona clinic and a settlement with the Department of Justice, the dental service organization began a rebranding process. Dr. Michael W. Davis tracks down the clues behind the new monikers.

Delta Dental Faces Federal Antitrust Class Action Litigation

Eleven antitrust class action lawsuits have been filed against various Delta Dental insurance entities, alleging market allocation, price fixing, and revenue restriction conspiracies. Dr. Michael W. Davis sorts through the claims.

Delta Dental of Massachusetts Patient Letter Upsets Dental Community

Recent fee schedule increases prompted many Massachusetts dentists to drop out of the Delta Dental program. The company then sent its patients a letter informing them about these withdrawls, though local dental groups took issue with its tone. Dr. Michael W. Davis explores the controversy.

Ben Burris Indicted for Fraud and Bribery

The noted orthodontist allegedly “hired” an elected official to push for legislation that would have benefitted him as well as expedite the Medicaid credentialing approval process. Dr. Michael W. Davis reviews the history of the case and the problematic nature of Medicaid itself.

ALF Presents a New Solution for an Old Problem—Malocclusion

Evolution has left us with a jaw that’s too small for the number of teeth we have, causing malocclusion. Dr. Martin N. Gorman describes how Advanced Lightweight Functionals can expand the jaw to achieve bite between the upper and lower front teeth.

RICO Charges Filed Against Alleged Fake Dentist Operating a DSO

Krista and John Szewczyk were hit with a 52-count criminal indictment in addition to accusations that they fraudulently billed insurance companies for care provided by unlicensed personnel, among other charges. Dr. Michael W. Davis reviews the complex case. 

Dentists Face More Challenges in 2019

Dr. Martin N. Gorman explains how insurance companies, patients who are insurance-driven, and a lack of collaboration with MDs have affected the profession—and what needs to change for things to improve.

Dentsply Sirona Facing Class Action Lawsuit

In December 2018, the Boynton Beach Employees’ Pension Plan launched a claim against the company and various corporate officers and directors, alleging Securities and Exchange Act violations. Dr. Michael W. Davis explains the case as well as larger industry trends at play.

Bad Dentists and the Professional Code of Silence

While consumer media pounced upon stories of wrongdoing involving Conduent, Dr. John Roger Lund, and Cleveland’s MetroHealth, these injustices never would have come to light without the bravery of dental professionals who risked their reputations to come forward. Dr. Michael W. Davis salutes their sacrifices.