Readers’ Choice Top 25 Endodontic Products of 2020

Dentistry Today


Selected on the basis of lead generation, these products represent some of the profession’s most innovative endodontic products. They appear below in no particular order.

Ultradent Products UniCore Posts

Voco Rebilda Post

Clinician’s Choice Macro-Lock Illusion X-RO Posts

Essential Dental Systems Envy Multi-Surface Cement

Sonendo GentleWave System

Fairfax Dental Stabilok Pin

Kerr Endodontics TF Adaptive

Aseptico 7000 Series Motor

Vista Dental Products SmearOFF 2-in-1

DiaDent Dia-X Rotary File System

Brasseler USA XP-3D Shaper

JS Dental Manufacturing LM-LiftOut and LM-SlimFit Luxating Instruments

DenMat Core-Post

Jordco e-Dx Diagnostic Instruments

B&L Biotech Superendo Beta Mini Cordless Obturation Device

DMG America LuxaPost Composite Post

Angelus Dental MTA Repair HP Bioceramic Repair Cement

CJM Engineering Munce Discovery Burs

Morita USA Tri Auto ZX2 Cordless Motor

EdgeEndo EdgeTaper Platinum Files

Filhol Dental Filpost Post System

Zest Dental Solutions ICE Light Composite Posts

Coltene ParaPost Taper Lux Post System

Dentsply Sirona Endodontics WaveOne Gold Shaping System

iLumi Sciences Super Fiber Post