Reciprocating Endodontic File Gets Upgrade

Richard Gawel


Replacing the WaveOne reciprocating file, WaveOne Gold from DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties is a complete system approach that includes matching absorbent points, precision machined gutta-percha points, gutta-percha core obturators, and size verifiers. The company launched the upgrade based on new innovations and customer feedback.

“The original WaveOne file was made of our patented M-Wire NiTi. This is another version of thermally treated NiTi that increases flexibility,” said Jason Logan, media and public relations manager of DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties. “In our testing, the WaveOne Gold primary file was 80% more flexible than WaveOne.”

For enhanced safety, WaveOne Gold also is 50% more resistant to cyclic fatigue, which is the number one cause of file separation. Its new parallelogram-shaped cross section helps improve cutting efficiency and debris removal within the canal as well.

“Depending where you were on the original WaveOne file, it could have been a modified convex triangle or convex triangle cross section,” Logan said. “The parallelogram cross section shape, along with the reciprocating motion, variable taper, and thermal treatment of the NiTi wire all contribute to better performance.”

By employing a variable taper rather than a constant taper, WaveOne Gold files perform better in smaller and narrow canal anatomy. The variable taper typically reduces the screwing-in effect compared to a constant tapered file. They also generally allow for one file canal shaping, probably 80% of the time, according to Logan.

Extending the range of files by one to include small, primary, medium, and large in 21-, 25-, and 31-mm lengths enables dentists to cover a broader anatomical range of cases. The original WaveOne file also was variably tapered, except for the small size. All of the WaveOne Gold sizes are variably tapered.

Every file includes an ISO-colored silicone stopper. Tip sizes match ISO standard sizing in 020, 025, 035, and 045, and the smaller maximum fluted diameters help conserve coronal dentin.

GuttaCore Crosslinked Gutta Percha Core Obturators also are available in ISO tip sizes and can be used with the WaveOne Gold system. The variable taper WaveOne Gold gutta-percha points that match the individual files to predictably fit the shaped root canal also are part of the upgrade. The micronized formulation delivers gutta-percha 4.5 mm beyond the heat source.

WaveOne Gold files are pre-sterilized in packs of 3 and are designed to be used with the proprietary reciprocating motion provided by the ProMark and e3 Endodontic Motors available from DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties.

“The unique and patented reciprocating motion can only be delivered by those 2 motors,” Logan said.

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