Ergonomic Instruments Enable Atraumatic Extractions

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JS Dental Manufacturing’s ergonomic and luxating LM-LiftOut and LM-SlimLift are designed to make extractions as atraumatic as possible to enable rapid healing and improve future implant placement. The extremely thin LM-SlimLift is designed for narrow spaces and can be inserted even further down, allowing for even easier extractions. The robust LM-TwistOut elevators work best when more force and torque are needed. The lightweight and well-balanced ergonomic design make these instruments comfortable to hold and easy to rotate, according to the company. The secure LM-ErgoTouch surface is designed for a good, non-slip grip. The LM-DuraGradeMAX supersteel guarantees strong and sharp blades. All instruments are sold in sterilizable cassettes that can be color-coded. The cassette is also sold separately. Instruments can be sharpened with the sharpening stone.

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