Composite Posts Designed for Aesthetics and Functionality

Richard Gawel


The Zest Dental Solutions ICELight light-transmitting composite posts are designed to provide predictable, functional, and aesthetic results for the placement and management of endodontic posts. Filled with 70% fiber-reinforced resin, the ICE Light system combines high flexural strength with dentin-like physical attributes, making it an excellent alternative to metal posts, according to the company. Specifically, the stress-diffusing property is advantageous in helping mitigate the risk of cervical and root erosion, Zest adds.

Available in different lengths and reamer sizes, ICELight posts are designed to be highly radiopaque and noncorrosive. When properly bonded, they will polymerically seal at the margins to extenuate the occurrence of microleakage. To help facilitate predictable cementation process, all ICELight posts are presilanated and compatible with light- and dual-cure resin cements, providing one-step application for the post and core-buildup applications.

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