Resin Cement Provides Adhesion to Enamel and Dentin

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Zest Dental Solutions is expanding the Danville product portfolio with its Cem EZ adhesive resin cement. Utilizing the patent-pending IntelliTek Technology, chemists worked with everyday clinicians to developing a cement that provides exceptional bond strength, long-term color stability, and universal compatibility with modern, more acidic adhesive systems, according to the company. 

Cem EZ is formulated to provide adhesion to the enamel and dentin tooth structure and a variety of restorative materials; demonstrated protection against microleakage; efficiency for procedures such as zirconia with only one adhesive (Prelude One) and a required cement shade of choice; easy cleanup with an ideal working viscosity and a simple tack cure procedure; optimal flexibility with widespread adhesive compatibility as well as the seventh-generation Prelude One adhesive system; the same level of aesthetics found in many of the leading resin cements without a premium price; and three shades, including translucent, warm, and white opaque.

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