Exhaust Snorkels Remove Aerosols

Richard Gawel


Labs-USA offers a line of three exhaust snorkels to help protect dental practices against aerosol contamination including coronavirus and other airborne infections. They can be installed to exhaust safely outdoors or recirculate as part of HEPA filtered air. 

The Original model is a robust and reliable all-around articulating arm for general applications involving fumes and dust where there is little to no electrical discharges or attack by aggressive chemicals. It includes a multi-purpose transparent hood.

The ESD/EX model is designed for use in electronic environments where there is a risk of electrostatic discharges. The extraction arm is made of conductive materials, eliminating the risk of static electricity and sparks. The hood is made of anodized metal.

The CHEM model has profiles made of double anodized aluminum. The articulating arm is designed for fume extraction in aggressive environments where corrosion resistance must be assured. The extraction arm can be fitted with a painted, corrosion-resistant metal hood.

The extraction arms can be installed on walls or ceilings with 360° movement at three joints for optimal angles without obstructing dental procedures. Benchtop and mount-down alternatives also are available.

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