Extraction Arm Removes Aerosols

Richard Gawel


The Nederman FX2 extraction arm is designed to provide a simple and convenient way to reduce health risks and increase staff and patient safety by removing aerosols generated by routine dental procedures.

“As a clean air products and solutions provider, Nederman is ready to help simplify the process to remove hazardous aerosols that could lead to respiratory infections,” said Travis Haynam, vice president of segments at Nederman.

The flexible, ceiling-mounted extraction arm is easy to maneuver and position, Nederman said. Once it’s installed, the arm can be located near the patient to capture aerosol at the source. It then can be moved out of the way when it’s no longer in use.

In addition to the ceiling-mount extraction arm, the FX2 includes a ceiling mounting bracket with cover plate, a fan, and an optional HEPA filter for single-chair or multi-chair operatory arrangements. Nederman offers custom engineering and installation planning as well.

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