Attachment System Doesn’t Require Screws or Cement

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Zest Dental Solutions has launched a new way to think about fixed full-arch restorations that addresses the inherent limitations of conventional screw-retained and cemented solutions such as the need for screw access channels or the potential for subgingival cement when attaching the prosthesis to the abutments. Fixed for the patient yet easily removed by the clinician, the LOCATOR F-Tx is designed to be a simplified, time-saving fixed attachment system for full-arch restorations with no compromise in prosthesis strength or aesthetics.

Optimized for efficiency and chairtime savings compared to conventional screw-retained systems, LOCATOR F-Tx’s “snap-in” attachment eliminates the potential for subgingival cement or the need for retaining screws. Further adding to the flexibility of the system, LOCATOR F-Tx accommodates divergent and convergent scenarios up to 40° between implants without the need for angled abutments. Designed to be a patient-friendly solution, the prosthesis is easily removed by the clinician for hygiene and maintenance visits using a new prosthesis removal system that quickly disengages the prosthesis in a matter of minutes.

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