Lectures to Spotlight Issues Affecting Female Dentists

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Men and women often face divergent paths when they enter the dental profession. The Chicago Midwinter Meeting will explore these differences with A Day in the Life of the Female Dental Professional on Saturday, February 25. 

Scheduled for 90 minutes a piece, the 4 lectures in the track will examine the uniquely feminine aspects of professional life and what it means to be a successful female professional, as well as how success influences her life and relationships.

Each lecture is available for 1.5 continuing education credits. The series costs $200 and will include lunch. Sessions will include the following:  

  • Estrogen and Progesterone: Balancing Risks, Benefits by Tierona Low Dog, MD. As more women rely on various hormone prescriptions, this session will describe the role of estrogen and progesterone in health as well as their pros and cons.
  • Stress, Medication and Coping Strategies by Ann Eshenaur Spolarich, PhD. Success depends on good decision making, which means choosing healthy coping strategies, minimizing triggers, and scheduling downtime to deal with the adverse effects of chronic stress.
  • Demystifying Pain Among Women in Dentistry: Essential Ergonomic and Wellness Guidelines by Bethany Valachi, PT, DPT, MS, CEAS. Female dentists experience more neck, shoulder, hip, hand, and wrist pain, but interventions and guidelines are available to mitigate discomfort.
  • Work Life Balance: Myth or Reality? By Lee Ann Brady, DMD. Practitioners can achieve the elusive goal of meeting their professional responsibilities while achieving personal fulfillment by beginning with the end in mind and starting anew each day.

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