MacPractice Software Now Compatible With Sierra OS

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MacPractice is providing new clients and beta clients with macOS Sierra and El Capitan compatible versions of macOS native MacPractice DDS software. Earlier versions of MacPractice have been compatible with El Capitan since December 2015. The new availability makes it possible for MacPractice users who want or need new Macs to purchase them from Apple, as new Macs come with the Sierra version of the operating system pre-installed. 

Also, dentists and staff who are the sole users of a Mac computer and who have an Apple Watch can configure Sierra so the operating system senses their proximity and logs them in or out. This is a unique Apple advantage available to MacPractice users.

Apple publicly released macOS Sierra on September 20, 2016. Its most recent update was version 10.12.1, and 10.12.1 beta 5 was released to developers and public beta testers in October 2016. MacPractice does not recommend that doctors using MacPractice install beta software on the same computer as MacPractice.

MacPractice uses an all-in-one philosophy designed to help practices more easily house and protect their patients’ identity and health information. It collaborates with third-party vendors to integrate Mac native products and services such as digital imaging, electronic claims, integrated network fax, and integrated secure messaging for enhanced productivity and efficiency. Also, it provides bridges to Windows solutions.

While third-party products and services are compatible with El Capitan, they may not yet be compatible with Sierra. So, MacPractice recommends users verify the compatibility of all software and hardware before upgrading a MacPractice terminal to Sierra. The current release of MacPractice makes it possible for clients to use a heterogeneous network of Macs with El Capitan and/or Sierra, which will help some doctors upgrade to the latest products from MacPractice without waiting for all vendors to provide Sierra compatibility.

MacPractice online registration and electronic health records forms, online scheduling, and patient portal services are compatible with Sierra. Also, MacPractice Patient Check In, Clipboard, and iEHR Apps for iPad are compatible with iOS 10.

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