Mopper Honored With Christensen Award

Dentistry Today


The Chicago Dental Society honored Bud Mopper, DDS, MS, with its 2017 Gordon J. Christensen Lecture Recognition Award during the recent Chicago Midwinter Meeting. Established in 1990, this award acknowledges ongoing and exceptional contributions to dental education.

“There is nobody who deserves this award more than Buddy Mopper because he is the one who has tried to help us conserve teeth and not just rip them out,” said Christensen. “Natural teeth are still God’s gift, and Buddy has been the pioneer in this area.”

Christensen presented the award personally to Mopper, who has been teaching about composites for nearly 50 years. Mopper also is in private practice in Glenvew, Ill, specializing in minimially invasive dentistry with composites for nearly 40 years. He is the coauthor of A Complete Guide to Dental Bonding as well.

Furthermore, Mopper is cofounder and chairman of Cosmedent and the director of the Center for Esthetic Excellence, where he is responsible for educational programs and private development. Plus, he teaches direct resin bonding on a continuing education level at major universities including the University of Iowa and the University of Illinois.

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