Clear Resin Suits Transparent Partial Dentures

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Keystone IndustriesClearmet clear thermoplastic microcrystalline resin is designed for aesthetically pleasing and clear partial dentures. The monomer-free material produces no known allergic reactions. Also, the resin is stain-resistant, odor-free, and practically invisible inside the patient’s mouth, with no metal taste. Partials made from Clearmet won’t have any undesirable metal clasps showing on the patient’s teeth either.

Intended for use in injection molding processes, Clearmet comes in industry-standard small (1.77 inches, 25.5 x 45 mm) and medium (3.03 inches, 25.5 x 77 mm) sizes in packages of 5 tubes. Partials made from Clearmet are designed for easy adjustment, with relining and repair in saddle areas. The resin is now available through most dental dealers and distributors in North America, Latin America, and Europe.

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