Can your practice management software do this?

Dr. Paul Feuerstein, DMD


I had a chance to talk with Mark Hollis and Patrick Klein of Mac Practice. This software has actually been in development for 30 years and currently has over 30,000 users in 31 countries. The Mac platform is the best for image management as well as simple integration of peripherals such as digital radiography. This software uses these advantages of the platform to produce a top of the line dental practice management system. In addition, common devices such as iPads and iPhones work flawlessly with the software due to the common backbone, allowing, for example, filling out a dental chart on one device and being able to see and edit it easily on the other. The graphics along with Apple’s retina display produce fantastic periodontal and other charting. Apple’s security is will known and MacPractice enhances it to be fully HIPAA compliant. It deserves a look on their website and further inspection with demos or even webinars.

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