June 2023

Dentistry Today


Health, Function, and Aesthetics: The Autoimmune Patient

Dr. Hazel Glasper takes us through treatment of a patient with Sjögren’s syndrome using her practice model, which focuses on the relationship of overall health to function and aesthetics.

Modified Emergence Profile of a Maxillary Central Incisor Implant

Drs. Marwa Emam and Ayman Eldimeery discuss the fact that the replication of proper emergence profile of an implant restoration is fundamental for the restoration’s success. Using custom healing covers can deliver a restoration that fulfills the patient’s needs aesthetically, as well as functionally, and can maintain biological tissue health.

Digital Immediate Complete Dentures: Changing the Narrative

Dr. Wendy AuClair Clark explains that how, a decade after the commercial availability of digital dentures, there are now numerous case reports incorporating intraoral scanning into the immediate complete denture workflow.

CBCT in the Age of Digital Dentistry: A Great Asset or a Great Liability? 

Dr. Setareh Lavasani discusses “incidental findings” in a radiographic examination. CBCT data can give us much information about the task at hand. There is also more information about surrounding structures included in the volume that is not the primary intent of the CBCT exam.

A Digital Approach to Aesthetic Restoration

Dr. Peggy Bown wants all doctors to realize that even the most basic digital workflows will help them to transform a patient’s smile much more simply than they can without it, even though many are hesistant to do so.

Cosmetic Veneers in a Teenage Patient: Considerations and Treatment

Dr. Susan McMahon notes that with a conservative approach to removing tooth structure, we can—and should—treat young patients in certain circumstances.

Direct Biomimetic Endodontic Access Restorations in Compromised Central Incisors

Dr. Clarrie Tam shows how anterior bonded restorations, which give great flexural support to residual tooth structure, can be utilized in place of posts and crowns in many clinical situations after endodontic treatment.

FOCUS ON – Women in Dentistry

Anne M. Duffy, RDH, discusses the growth of women in dentistry and how patients and teams benefit from the changing landscape.

VIEWPOINT – Outperformers: Practices Outperforming the Pack, and How

Are Women Finally Equal?