July/August 2021

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The Screw-Retained, Full-Arch Implant Prosthesis

Dr. Stephane Tilley explains why surgical guide precision of parallelism is not always as important as the best position for available bone due to angled screw abutments.

The Hidden Complication of Full-Arch Implant Prostheses
Dr. Randolph R. Resnik alerts us about the effects of common reconstructions on a patient’s speech and phonetics. He presents suggestions on modified designs and materials, as well as trial /interim prosthetics, to avoid these pitfalls.

A New Approach to Root Canal Disinfection Using a Streamlined Technique
Dr. Carlos A. Spironelli Ramos discusses a new ultrasonic-based fluid irrigation system for root canal disinfection. He shows the advantages of the system in conjunction with new files and a handpiece to achieve cleaner canals.

Composite, Enamel, and Doctor Time: Too Precious to Waste

Drs. Patrick Roetzer and Troy Schmedding introduce a new set of finishing burs to make your composites look like restorations instead of fillings.

The Indirect Resin Nano-Ceramic Restoration
Dr. Martin Telich shares a simple, economical, in-office method to create one-visit restorations without the use of CAD/CAM.

Don’t Let Your Diagnosis Fall Between the ‘Cracks’

Dr. Joseph C. Stern looks at the many factors that contribute to the proper diagnosis and treatment of the cracked tooth to help determine restorative outcomes.

A New Smile for the Dentist

Dr. Joseph R. Greenberg helps a colleague’s smile using the simple technique of smile design. He uses traditional preparation and impression techniques, along with a simple device that he developed to achieve symmetry and alignment.

Why LasersHave Not Captured Dentistry: Seeing and Engaging the Light

Dr. Claudia C. Cotca discusses past, present, and future considerations of lasers to recognize variables that are essential in transforming pathology into healthy tissue.

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