January/February 2024

Dentistry Today


Seeing Endodontics Through a New Lens: Fueling Innovation to See Dentistry’s Darkest Side

Dr. John West describes new and exciting endodontic technologies in combination with tools from the past and how these are used today in his everyday practice. Techniques and carefully documented protocols are shared in a fun and playful way.

Principle-Guided Endodontic Treatment 

Drs. Tyler Neal and Richard Mounce provide the general dentist a set of guiding endodontic principles that can be implemented to any shaping and obturation system for the types of root canal procedures that will be commonly treated by general dentists performing endodontic therapy.

Utilizing 3D Printed Technology for Complex Restorative Treatment

Dr. Jahanzabe Siddiqui shares a case report outlining an emergency, same-day treatment plan to create successful temporary bridges for a patient with 3 old maxillary bridges, 2 of which had fractured due to bruxism.

The Staged Approach and Root Banking in Sjögren’s Syndrome 

Drs. Carmen Ramirez-Sosa, Serena Shah, Howard J. Drew, Alexander S. Drew, Emil G. Cappetta, and Paul A. Falcon present case reports highlighting the importance of staging, as well as a novel technique for root banking, in the Sjögren’s Syndrome patient. For the Sjögren’s Syndrome patient, due to a high incidence of caries and intolerance to removable prostheses, it is imperative.

The Scorpion Technique: A Veneer-Seating Pearl

Dr. Joy Brauer demonstrates a technique that describes a quick and easy method to determine whether all of the flowable composite has been removed prior to trying on and seating permanent veneers.

How to Read a CBCT Scan: Insights From an Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist

Dr. Dania Tamimi helps dentists learn how to diagnose their patients’ conditions utilizing CBCT. Throughout the years, the author has compiled some fundamental pointers that can help shift your thinking and start you on the path of 3D analysis.

FOCUS ON: Well-Being in Dentistry

Alex Barrera, DDS, talks about the importance of self-care for dentists and how it reduces stress, prevents burnout, and facilitates a fulfilling career.

Revolutionizing the Dental Landscape: The Super Generalist