March 2024

Dentistry Today


Posts and Core Buildups in the 21st Century

Drs. William C. Strupp, Jr, and Michael W. Brumm follow the outcome of 65,000 units and look at the clinical protocols on how best to restore badly broken-down teeth.

A Simplified and Predictable Approach to Crestal Sinus Elevation

Drs. Sean W. Meitner and Gregori M. Kurtzman describe a technique using a diagnostic CBCT stent, virtual planning, and a surgical guide to allow a flapless approach to sinus elevation.

Full-Arch Surgery With No Prosthesis to Convert: Using Photogrammetry to Design Interims Right After Implants Are Placed

Dr. Nate Farley shows us that by using software and 3D printers, an interim prosthesis can be seated on the day of surgery. This process eliminates many pitfalls of trying to create temporaries before the visit.

Three-Dimensional Printing in Combined Orthodontic and Restorative Treatment

Dr. Julia Latham shares the benefits of 3D printing, including streamlining workflow and lab work, reducing rework and shipping expenses, and providing a more predictable result with greater control.

2 CE CREDITS – Myth of the “J-Shaped” Lesion

Dr. Joseph C. Stern looks at the association of radiographically diagnosed “J-shaped” lesions and root fractures to dispel the myth that root fracture is the primary cause of a J-shaped lesion. The article is peer-reviewed and available for 2 CE credits.

FOCUS ON: Data Breaches and HIPAA

Josh Brower, DDS, discusses legal questions that you need to know to ask regarding your data.

VIEWPOINT: The Downside of Clinical Rapport