Peerlogic Releases New AI-Driven Call Summary Technology



Peerlogic has announced a new call summary technology that helps dental front office staff identify the value and priority of missed calls. Peerlogic’s AI looks at the entirety of the call to understand what is important and provides a high-impact, information-rich summary, allowing front office staff to return calls quicker, more efficiently, and personalized to the patient.



“This technology delivers immense value to the practice by streamlining existing processes and enabling the practice to take advantage of new opportunities that previously would have been lost due to missing the call,” said Scott Derringer, SVP of product management and design at Peerlogic. “With a quick, bulleted list, front office staff know who called and what action they need within seconds. This saves them from having to listen to the entire call and allows them to instantly know the worth of the call.”

Front office workers are often tasked with welcoming patients, checking them in and out, scheduling appointments, and answering phones, making them incredibly busy. Missed calls from new patients can translate directly to missed revenue.

“Peerlogic is the first in the healthcare industry applying technology to enable front office staff, rather than replace them,” said Ryan Miller, CEO, and founder of Peerlogic. “With front office employees on the front lines of customer service and satisfaction, this technology not only streamlines their key workflows but also gives them time to focus on what they do best – serving patients in person.”

Peerlogic’s AI technology is making strides to make healthcare more personal to the patient and easier for both patients and staff to make appointments. With more data, the product is improving its accuracy each day.

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About Peerlogic

Since its inception, Peerlogic has been at the forefront of integrating AI into dental practice management. The company’s growth is characterized by its pioneering approach to conversational intelligence, a testament to its commitment to excellence and innovation. As Peerlogic continues to expand, it remains focused on delivering transformative solutions that elevate the standards of dental care and practice management.

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