Top 10 News Stories of 2017

Dentistry Today


The dental profession continued to make headlines in 2017. Here are the top 10 news stories of the year based on traffic at

  1. The World’s Top Dental Schools: 2017 Edition

Quacquarelli Symonds named the University of Hong Kong the best around the globe, and the University of Michigan was tops in the United States. 

  1. In Memoriam: Carl E. Misch, DDS, MDS, PhD (hc) 

The profession lost a legend nearly a year ago, as Dr. Misch was a giant in the world of implantology.

  1. Erie County Law Would Require Origin Disclosures with Dental Prosthetics

The legislation covers dentures, veneers, crown and bridge materials, implants, and more. 

  1. The United States Dominates ARWU’s Top Dental Schools for 2017

The top five dental schools on the Academic Ranking of World Universities all hail from the United States.

  1. Bigger Brains Did Not Lead to Smaller Teeth in Human Evolution 

Human brains and teeth did not evolve in lockstep and were influenced by different environmental and behavioral factors.

  1. What Dentists Earn: 2017 Edition

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that dentists had a median pay of $159,770 in 2016.

  1. Strawberries May Positively Influence Oral Cancer Risks

The phytochemical components of the fruit have a unique reaction with the enzymes in the saliva of smokers that may influence cancer development. 

  1. Aspirin May Repair Tooth Decay 

The common medicine can stimulate existing stem cells in teeth to enhance the regeneration of damaged tooth structure.

  1. 4.0% of American Adults Carry High-Risk Oral HPV

By gender, 6.8% of men and 1.2% of women age 18 to 69 years carry one or more of the 14 high-risk strains of the virus.

  1. X-Rays Reveal Vitamin D Deficiencies 

Healthy pulp looks like an arch topped by a pair of cat ears, while pulp lacking in the nutrient is asymmetrical and looks like a chair.