September 2023

Dentistry Today




The Do’s and Don’t’s of Single-Shade Composites in the Smile Zone

Dr. Kevin Brown presents a layering technique for direct composite repairs of typical Class IV anterior fractures. With the advent of new single-shade composite systems, he shows how to simplify tooth color matching.

Contemporary Approach on Sinus Augmentation

Dr. Brijesh Patel looks at sinus lift procedures. His cases show that new and more advanced equipment helps to alleviate concerns, especially those related to prevention, while maintaining sufficient bone generation.

A Simple Treatment to Stabilize Incisors After Luxation or Avulsion

Drs. Masamitsu Tsumori and Samuel Kratchman share a workflow to follow when a patient presents with trauma to anterior teeth. The goal is for rapid and stable fixation using an immediate aligner.

The Dentist’s Journey With a Sleepy, Tired Child

Dr. Diana Batoon provides an overview of young patients with breathing issues. She then goes over different strategies and treatment plans we can offer to these patients with possible sleep-related breathing disorders.

Smile Makeover With Direct Composite Veneers

Dr. Dimple Desai looks at the pitfalls of direct composite veneers, including technique sensitivity; aesthetic predictability; and, often, the time involved. She then shares the road to predictable results.

FOCUS ON – Dental Biofilm

Melissa K. Turner, chief hygiene officer for Cellerant Consulting, discusses whether biofilm is dentistry’s most evil nemesis or the next revolutionary thing.

VIEWPOINT – WNL: Within Normal Limits, or a Dangerous Assumption?