Nanohybrid Composite Provides Lifelike Translucency

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nanohybrid composite


With more than 30 years of experience, DMP has developed an innovative manufacturing process that integrates a unique blend of micro and nanofillers into the resin matrix, creating an easy-to-sculpt nanohybrid composite for class I to IV restorations. NANOCERAM-BRIGHT outperforms the competition, achieving superior physical and aesthetic results. Excellent color matching, high polishability, and lifelike translucency allow the restoration to blend into the natural tooth structure and surrounding area for a chameleon effect. For more information, visit or email

– Chameleon effect adaptive technology for a natural-looking restoration that blends into surrounding teeth.

– Particle size less than 700 nm for high polishability and polish retention.

– Low polymerization shrinkage, resulting in better marginal integrity.

– Low water sorption rates with superior strength.

DMP dental, Nanohybrid Composite

Nanohybrid Composite Provides Lifelike Translucency