Laser Boasts Low Cost Per Use

Richard Gawel


The CAO Group’s Precise LTM offers one of the lowest cost-per-uses on the market, according to the company. It’s designed to help you get some of the best digital impressions possible. Blood and tissue over margins can result in poorly defined impression scans. Troughing and hemostasis is fast and easy with the LTM, the CAO Group reports, making for crystal-clear margins on digital impressions. 

The LTM’s 5-W performance suits all everyday soft-tissue procedures such as gingivectomies, abscess care, frenum release, and periodontal therapy. Also, the 810-nm diode laser is the most studied and best suited wavelength for soft-tissue procedures, the CAO Group says. The patented fiber system includes more than 500 uses per cartridge for low-cost convenience. Plus, the fiber is disposable and designed to be easily replaced to minimize downtime. 

Additionally, the slim handpiece provides easy access to the posterior of the mouth. It’s also autoclavable for easy disinfection. The LTM includes an extra handpiece for efficient use as well. Furthermore, the wireless foot pedal supports flexible placement for convenience and ease of operation. Powered by a 9-V lithium battery, it uses a unique interlock communication system with the laser for safe, reliable operation.

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