Toothpaste Fights Cavities, Relieves Sensitivity, and Rebuilds Enamel

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GC America’s MI Paste ONE combines the caries prevention of fluoride, the sensitivity relief of potassium nitrate, and the proven benefits of RECALDENT (CPP-ACP) in one toothpaste. Each time patients brush for 2 minutes with the mint-flavored MI Paste ONE, they’ll be effectively cleaning their teeth without harsh abrasives or sodium lauryl sulfate. They’ll also be simultaneously applying a combination of bioavailable calcium, phosphate, and fluoride to help protect and repair tooth structure all in one easy step, GC American says.

The backbones of MI Paste ONE’s multiple benefits are its naturally derived milk protein, casein phosphopeptide (CPP), and amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), both of which deliver bioavailable minerals and neutralize acid challenges. When fluoride contacts CPP and ACP, the combination creates the foundation for building fluorapatite. Additionally, because CPP and ACP penetrate into biofilms and enamel and bind to tooth surfaces to localize bioavailable minerals like fluoride, MI Paste ONE is ideal for use by patients suffering from hypersensitivity, caries risk, white spot lesions, and tooth erosion and wear, according to the company. 

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