Resin Cement Provides Adhesion in Range of Restorations

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GC America’s G-CEM LinkForce resin cement is designed to provide secure adhesion across a range of restorations in a single system, with 3 base elements. G-Premio BOND is crafted to bond to preparations including teeth, metal abutments, and composite core buildups with no compromises. G-Multi Primer ensures stable chemical adhesion to restorations, even on precious metals. And, G-CEM LinkForce provides a strong bond in virtual all indications, ensuring universal clinical use.

With the dual-cure activator, users have a choice of curing modalities. Efficient light curing provides high bond strength, and the thin film doesn’t interfere with crown placement. The self-cure mode also is designed to be particularly useful when cementing opaque or thick restorations. And, according to the company, the resin cement’s light curing is ideal for the cementation of veneers.

G-CEM LinkForce is indicated for the cementation of all types of all-ceramic, resin, and metal-based inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges; the cementation of metal, ceramic, fiber posts, and cast posts and cores; the cementation of all-ceramic and composite veneers (up to 2 teeth); and the permanent cementation of crowns and bridges on implant abutments.

Designed with aesthetics in mind as well, 4 shades are provided to match cementation needs, accompanied by their corresponding try-in pastes, along with tooth-like fluorescence and color stability throughout time.

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