Free Your Practice with the Glidewell HT Implant System



If you are among the growing number of dentists seeking to expand the implant services you offer patients in your practice, the Glidewell HT Implant System can help you succeed with a simplified surgical procedure, expert lab support, and unrivaled cost savings.

Manufactured in Irvine, California, from high-strength titanium alloy, Glidewell HT Implants are a proven, premium-quality solution that can help you grow your practice while making treatment available to more patients.

  • Cut Your Costs—Priced at a fraction of comparable implant systems—and saves you 20% on your lab bill when you restore your implant case with Glidewell
  • Clinically Proven—99.2% success rate and 0.2 mm mean bone loss
  • Ease of Use—User-friendly, efficient surgical protocol with length-specific drills that make it easy to achieve the appropriate depth of the implant osteotomy
  • Advanced Design—Developed in collaboration with Dr. Jack Hahn, the creator of the NobelReplace implant

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