LED Bulbs Designed for Quick and Easy Upgrades



If your patients’ oral cavities are beginning to look a little dim, it may be time to ditch your old bulb and upgrade your light. It’s an easy switch too, according to the CAO Group. Its ClearVue LED operatory bulbs are designed to plug right into most standard halogen lamps.

“Dentists can do it themselves,” said Jessie Wilkins, an exclusive product specialist with Henry Schein, which distributes the bulbs. “This replaces the pain of your halogen bulb going out and having to take time out of the office to replace it. It’s a quick plug and play. It’s very simple.”

While a halogen bulb lasts 1,000 hours, an LED bulb lasts 60,000. A set of 4 fixtures would require 240 halogen bulbs over their lifetime, but only 8 LEDs. Also, the yearly energy cost of 4 fixtures outfitted with halogen bulbs totals $88, while 4 LED fixtures only rack up $8 in a year.

The ClearVue LED operatory bulbs use only 5 W compared to 95 W or more for halogen bulbs, depending on the fixture, reducing power consumption by more than 90%. Plus, halogen bulbs output 325 BTUs of heat, while LEDs only produce 3 BTUs.

“The ClearVue LED doesn’t get as hot. A lot of times when you’re working on a patient, you feel the halogen getting hotter,” said Wilkins. “It’s uncomfortable for the patient and the doctor too.”

Halogen bulbs and ClearVue LEDs both emit 25,000 lux. But while halogen’s color degrades over time, LED colors remain constant. Additionally, ClearVue LEDs offer 90% daylight quality for better color matching. Their 50- by 25-mm elliptical pattern is designed to minimize eye strain and fatigue as well.

“The ClearVue is much more clear. It’s closer to natural light, so you’re going to have more color accuracy when you’re doing cosmetic work,” said Wilkins.

Each bulb comes with a 5-year limited warranty with a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours or 15 years at a much lower operating and maintenance cost. Bulbs are compatible with lamps from A-dec, KaVo/Pelton, Belmont, DentalEZ Lumina, DCI, and Midmark. For more information, call (877) 236-4408 or visit caogroup.com/clearvue.html.

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