People Prefer “Hollywood” Smiles

Dentistry Today


People want “Hollywood” smiles, as 86% of the 1,975 respondents to a global DentaVox survey said they are more attractive than natural smiles. Also, 41% said they expect their dentists to have flawless teeth, and 49% said such smiles are more trustworthy than natural smiles.

According to the survey, 39% of respondents said they would undergo a smile makeover to feel more attractive. Also, 13% said they would do so if they had a job that required a perfect smile, while 8% said they would get one if they could afford it.

In fact, less than 1% of the respondents said they actually had a Hollywood smile, with a third of respondents saying that high costs were the main barrier in getting one. Another 19% said that the need for further repair and maintenance discouraged them from such treatment, while 15% were afraid the dentist would do a poor job.

Not surprising, DentaVox said, 86% said flawless teeth were more attractive than natural-looking teeth. But while nearly half said perfect teeth were more trustworthy, 38% didn’t perceive any difference.

Plus, just under a third said that it doesn’t matter if their dentist had a Hollywood or a natural smile, and the largest share of respondents (41%) would prefer to go to a dentist with perfectly made teeth.

When it comes to romantic partners, 49% said they would choose a partner with natural teeth, and 21% said they would prefer someone with a Hollywood smile.

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