People Believe Aging Changes How Their Smile Looks

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According to a recent poll of 3,530 global respondents by DentaVox, 40% of people believe that aging changes how their smile looks.

Also, more than a third of women are concerned about the negative impacts of aging on their smile, compared to 22% of men. However, men are more aware of the role of proper dental care in mitigating the effects of aging on their smiles than women. Additionally, 45% of women believe the state of their teeth affects their self-esteem, compared to 34% of men.

When it comes to evaluating their own oral health, 46.5% said it was average, 36.3% said it was very good, 8.3% said it was excellent, and 7.8% said it was poor. Men and women varied in their self-appraisals, as 49% of women said they had average oral health, compared to 45.6% of men. Similarly, 30.9% of women and 38.2% of men said their oral health was very good.

Cosmetic surgery is not an option for mitigating the signs of aging for most respondents though, with 68.6% (57.1% of women and 72.6% of men) saying they would not consider it. Overall, 18.2% intend to seek treatment in the future 25.4% of women and 15.7% of men), and 7.6% (10.1% of women and 6.7% of men) have had a procedure.

Plus, 65% believe that losing teeth is a natural part of aging, and 40% said thinner and longer teeth are another result of aging. But longer teeth are due to gum recession, DentaVox said. They are not necessarily due to aging, and they can be avoided with proper dental care, the company added.

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