Good Oral Health Means a Better Sex Life

Dentistry Today


Poor oral health can take a toll on relationships, according to surveys by DentaVox, with 69% of their 1,900 respondents saying that certain issues have even interrupted sexual intercourse.

These issues most commonly include injuries to the mouth or lips, bleeding, and broken teeth. Failed dental restorations such as dentures, fillings, and crowns are factors too.

Additionally, 52% of respondents with excellent oral health said they are most satisfied with their intimate relationships, compared to 37% of people with poor oral health.

Relationships begin somewhere, and more than 60% of respondents said that a smile is the first thing they notice about someone they find attractive. Also, 80% said that poor oral health leads to worse social relationships.

Intimate relationships are most affected by oral heath, according to 40% of respondents, followed by professional contacts and friendships. Bad breath, missing teeth, and gum disease are turn-offs in dating as well.

Also, 33% of respondents said there’s more kissing, and 23% said there’s more sex, as a result of good oral health. Respondents said they experienced greater intimacy and felt more attractive as a result of good oral health as well. 

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