2020 Readers’ Choice Top 25 Implant Products

Dentistry Today


Dentistry Today’s Top 25 Implant Products, selected on the basis of lead generation, represent some of the profession’s most innovative implant products. The products appear below in no particular order.

TruAbutment Angulated Screw Channel Ti-bases

Aspetico 7000 Series Implant Motor

Shatkin F.I.R.S.T. O-Ball Mini Dental Implants

Impladent OsteoGen Bone Grafting Plug

Zimmer Biomet Dental 3.1 mmD Eztetic Implant

Dentsply Sirona Implants Astra Tech Implant System EV

Dentatus USA ANEW Narrow-Diameter Implant

Preat LOCATOR R-Tx Removable Attachment System

OCO Biomedical Engage Plus

Glidewell Hahn Tapered Implant System

Z-Systems USA Z5c Zirconia Two-Piece Implant

KAT Implants System

Sterngold MOR Mini Dental Implant

Dentium SuperLine and Implantium Implants

BioHorizons Tapered Internal Dental Implants

Norris Medical Zygomatic Implants

PerioSeal Implant System

integrated dental systems Reflect Implant System

Hiossen ET III Implants

Zest Dental Solutions Locator R-Tx Removable Attachment System

Bicon Dental Implants Short Implant

Ritter Implants SB/LA Spiral Implant System

Thommen Medical Dental Implant System

Park Dental Research Startanius Narrow Ridge Implant

Implant Direct InterActive Dental Implant System