Implants Feature Sandblasted and Acid-Etched Surface

Richard Gawel


All Hiossen ET III implants are manufactured with pure titanium metal and equipped with a sandblasted and acid-etched (SA) surface. The ET III is designed to provide many benefits for the clinician who places the implant as well as the patient who receives a well-fitted, reliable implant. The ET III SA is Hiossen’s most popular implant on the market, according to the company. A 2.3-mm diameter ET III SA comes in 8.5-,10- ,11.5-, and 13-mm lengths. It has a straight body with smaller threads and a sharper apex made from titanium alloy. The ET III NH has a unique nanolayer of bio-resorbable apatite coating with super-hydrophilic properties on the same surface as the SA. It improves bone-to-implant contact by 39% compared to just the SA, Hiossen said.

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