Narrow-Diameter Implant Uses Screw-Retained Prosthetic System

Richard Gawel


The Dentatus USA ANEW is the only narrow-diameter implant with a screw-retained prosthetic system, according to the company. The abutment variety is designed to offer full prosthetic versatility. Each one can be used to retain full or partial dentures, replace single teeth, or be used in full-mouth reconstruction.Dentatus implants are safe, long-term solutions that aptly meet patients’ physical, emotional, and financial needs while providing immediate function with minimal discomfort, Dentatus says. They also are backed with more than 20 years of documented testing and validation, reporting high success rates with less bone loss, the company says. The implant’s novel and innovative design reduces stress and provides for easy maintenance of long-term restorations, according to Dentatus. This screw-retained system eliminates cements, has a built-in platform switch, and is proven to reduce incidence of peri-implantitis compared to conventional implants, the company says.

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