Abutment Permits Screw Channel Angulation Modification

Richard Gawel


Screw-retained solutions have become the standard with the advent of CAD/CAM technology, but they largely have been limited to posterior restorations due to design challenges in the anterior region. TruAbutment’s Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) custom abutments, however, provide an aesthetic and convenient restoration, the company says.

Also, the ASC can be integrated into current custom abutment solutions, enabling users to retain the advantages of a full custom abutment while being able to modify the angulation of the screw channels (up to 25°) of the screw-retained restorations in the aesthetic zone, according to TruAbutment.

TruAbutment’s ASC service is available for all major implant systems that can be accessed with a simple library update.

For more information, call TruAbutment at (714) 956-1488 or visit truabutment.com.

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