Three Additional Lawsuits Filed in Aspen Dental Hidden Cameras Case

Michael W. Davis, DDS


The law firm of Kelleher + Holland LLC filed lawsuits on December 30, 2020, on behalf of three additional victims in conjunction with hidden video cameras discovered in a unisex employee restroom at an Aspen Dental practice in Crestwood, Illinois.

These civil actions come in addition to previous lawsuits filed against the alleged practice owner, Dr. Abigail Brier, ABD Dental Associates LLC, and Aspen Dental Management Inc.

Armani Alexander was employed by ADMI as a dental hygienist at the practice when he allegedly placed a pair of hidden video cameras in the restroom.

An Investigation by the law firm revealed that Alexander was convicted of a crime while he was a student at Southern Illinois University. According to Kelleher + Holland, Alexander sneaked into unknown female dormitory rooms in the middle of the night and doused women there with an unknown liquid substance.

Initially, the criminal charges for clandestine videotaping of fellow employees against Alexander were classified as misdemeanors. Those charges have since been upgraded to eleven felony counts related to unauthorized video recording of his fellow healthcare staff, both males and females, in a workplace restroom. Both hidden cameras provided views of the toilet area. 

Kelleher + Holland is seeking monetary damages because of the negligent actions of Aspen Dental, the law firm said. Also, the firm continued, the victims hope their actions will change the culture of the clinic so that workplace safety is not sacrificed for productivity and profit.

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