Lawsuits Allege Hidden Cameras Placed in Dental Practice’s Bathroom

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The Clifford Law Offices of Chicago have filed lawsuits in Cook County Circuit Court on behalf of 11 individuals against Aspen Dental Clinic in Crestwood, Illinois, over two hidden cameras found in a unisex employees’ bathroom.

The lawsuits allege negligent hiring, negligent supervision, and negligent retention of an employee who allegedly placed the two cameras in September 2020. Another employee discovered one of the cameras on October 22, 2020. A female employee found the second camera a few days later. The complaints allege intrusion of seclusion under Illinois law as well.

The 11 lawsuits represent dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and a dental marketer who apparently were videotaped without their knowledge while using the bathroom over an approximate three-week period, the law firm said.

The employee, a dental hygienist, allegedly placed the hidden cameras there and has been criminally charged for his actions. According to the Clifford Law Offices, he apparently had a criminal record before his two-month employment at the practice, but owners and supervisors there never conducted a proper or thorough background check.

Two of the clinic’s employees, Trent Jones, DMD, and dental assistant Alyssa Raine, quit their jobs at the clinic due to the mental and emotional distress they suffered, according to the law firm.

The defendants named in the lawsuit include national corporation Aspen Dental Management as well as the owner of the Crestwood clinic, Abigail Brier, DMD, and her corporation, ABD Dental Management Inc.

“We applaud local law enforcement, particularly the arresting officer, for apprehending the alleged offender and filing criminal charges. We regret this isolated incident happened and are deeply sympathetic for the distress felt by everyone involved,” Aspen Dental of Crestwood said in a statement.

The practice also said that neither it nor Aspen Dental Management Inc has been served with the complaints described by the Clifford Law Offices and that it will not be able to comment on their specifics.

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