Startup Combines Toothbrush and Floss in a Single Tool

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Only 4 out of 10 Americans floss at least once day, while 20% never floss at all, reports the ADA. Many of these people blame the dexterity and the time that effective flossing requires. Yet a startup known as Flossy Brush has developed an eponymous tool that combines a toothbrush on one end with dental floss on the other, improving hygiene and eliminating excuses for those who don’t floss like they should.

The Flossy Brush’s integrated floss holder is designed for simple and quick placement and replacement of any kind of floss on the market. There are no removable parts or replacement cartridges to purchase. Also, the curved and flexible design is crafted so users can easily reach the hardest places around their teeth. Plus, its compact and flexible head is available in 2 bristle types: ultrasoft bristles with a tapered 0.01 tip to reach below the gum, or Tynex-soft rounded bristles for a more conventional feel.

“Flossy Brush is not just another toothbrush. It is far more effective at removing plaque and simple and convenient to use,” said Zoltan Rusznak, DDS, CEO of Flossy Brush. “Our aim is to sell this widely in the US market, and, as we grow, expand into the European and Japanese markets. Right now, we are looking for investors who have an interest in helping launch the product into the next phase.”

So far, the company has secured manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation, along with an inventory of 35,000 retail-ready Flossy Brushes. It also has established a Fundable page where potential investors can learn more about the product and company.

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