Software Update Boosts Laser’s Speed and Controllability

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Convergent Dental’s latest software upgrade for its Solea laser, Solea SW 3.1.1, is designed to provide more usability and control while further enhancing the patient experience without anesthesia. With updated algorithms that control how the laser cuts both hard and soft tissue, Solea SW 3.1.1 facilitates the onset of analgesia more quickly and effectively than ever before, according to the company, for exceptional cutting speed ability in both hard and soft tissue.

“We are constantly gathering data on how our customers use Solea and how their patients experience it. That gets fed into the product development process and incorporated into software improvements that improve cutting speed, analgesia, the ability to control bleeding, and more,” said Michael Cataldo, CEO of Convergent Dental. “Simply put, the more Solea is used, the smarter it gets. All of that accrues to the benefit of our customers and their patients, no matter when Solea was integrated into the practice.”

Solea SW 3.1.1 is available at no charge to all Solea customers with an active service contract. Customers simply type a 4-digit personal identification number into their Solea unit, and the laser automatically downloads the update via Wi-Fi. No additional external service calls or technician visits are needed.

“After a quick and simple download, from the first use of Solea SW 3.1.1, it offered an improved experience for both me and my patients,” said Dr. Yooson Kim, who took part in the update’s beta test phase. “The onset of analgesia was almost automatic, and the cutting speed just keeps getting faster. I didn’t think it was possible for Solea to be even simpler to use, but Convergent Dental has exceeded my expectations once again.”

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