Skipping Dental Visits May Impact Sense of Smell



Sense of smell may be more important than you think.

Without the sense of smell people, wouldn’t be able to detect such things as gas leaks. Also, much of one’s sense of taste stems from sense of smell. That’s why it’s so important to be able to smell things as well as possible.

Without regular dental visits, however, a person’s sense of smell may not be up to par. The person’s gums and teeth may be in poor shape, which is certain to adversely affect one’s ability to smell.

Harmful bacteria can build up in the mouth, often resulting in decay, gum disease or even abscesses. From there, the bacteria can reach the sinuses, causing problems to disrupt the sense of smell.

There are other ways sense of smell can be impacted, including by aging, pregnancy, nerve damage, among others.

The best way to maintain a good sense of a smell is the same way to maintain solid oral health—by visiting the dentist on a regular basis and by brushing multiple times each day.