September 2021

Dentistry Today


Optimizing the Health of Soft Tissues to Ensure Success

Drs. Joseph J. Massad, Lily T. Garcia, and Swati Ahuja outline the importance of overall oral health during the fabrication, trial, and placement of fixed prostheses (both tooth- and implant- supported).

Dental Pain Control and Local Anesthesia: A 40-Year Journey
Dr. Stanley F. Malamed takes a deep dive into the history and current usage of local anesthetics, allowing one to deliver predictable anesthesia.

Guided Bone Regeneration: Membrane Selection

Drs. Craig M. Misch and Maggie A. Misch-Haring discuss characteristics of GBR membranes that direct their use for the treatment of various bone defects.

Using Alloplastic Material for Subantral Grafting
Dr. Charles D. Schlesinger discusses how elevating the Schneiderian membrane and grafting to maintain space between the membrane and the bony floor of the sinus cavity results in the formation of increased bone volume for implant placement and the longevity of the final restoration.

Restorative Aesthetics at the Gingiva

Drs. George Freedman and Paiman Lalla discuss the use of multi-toned pink, gingival-colored composite designed for re-balancing aesthetics in the cervical areas of the dentition.

The Endodontics Renaissance and Modern-Day Root Canals

Dr. Sonia Chopra champions 3 technologies–the microscope, CBCT, and Multisonic Ultracleaning–the perfect trifecta for root canal success so clinicians can save more teeth for their patients.

Post-Pandemic Fraud in Dental Practices

Three experts weigh in on post-pandemic fraud in dental practices.

Focus On:

Steve White discusses the No. 1 threat to your patients’ data—cyberattacks—and how to tell if your practice is protected.