Scanners Bridge Performance With Affordability

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The E scanners from 3Shape are designed to deliver high quality and advanced scanning features and precision CAD/CAM workflows at an affordable price. All 3 scanners in the series feature a pair of 5-Mpixel cameras, a blue LED, and multiline high-speed scanning for optimal detail capture and accuracy to enable labs to complete more cases in less time.

Also, the E scanners improve lab productivity while saving time and costs by offering reliable impression scanning, which lets labs scan traditional impressions directly without having to pour a model, and Auto-start, which starts the scanning as soon as the model is placed inside the E scanner.

The E1 and E2 boast ISO/12836 implant 10/12 µm accuracy, respectively, while the E3 offers ISO 12836/implant 7/10 µm accuracy. Also, the E1 scans an arch in 40 seconds, the E2 does it in 30 seconds, and the E3 does it in 24 seconds. A full arch impression takes the E1 130 seconds, the E2 90 seconds, and the E3 80 seconds.

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