Milling Machine Boasts Rigid Design and Latest Technology

Richard Gawel


With the R5 from VHF one can play in a new league of productivity and convenience, saving valuable time with the patent-pending, disk-loading mechanism called DirectDiscTechnology, according to the company. It’s an automatic, 10-disk changer and an automatic 16-tool changer. Switch quickly and effortlessly between wet and dry milling with the DirectCleanTechnology, an ingenious package of ionizing, self-cleaning, and self-drying cycles, VHF said. This high level of automation enables the R5 to mill non-stop and even overnight or over the weekend, the company reported.

Enjoying maximum versatility to produce for any indication and material requirement, the R5 mills one of the broadest ranges of materials in disk or block format, VHF said, as well as prefabricated titanium abutments for the majority of available implant platforms. The also R5 showcases German engineering at its best, according to the company, offering a very rigid machine design packed with the latest technology. It produces UltraHD milling and an impressive weight of 328 lbs with a minimal tabletop footprint, VHF said.

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