ChairsideCAD Now Supports Abutments and Crowns on VHF Machines

Richard Gawel


Software manufacturer exocad has expanded its integrated workflow with vhf’s Z4 dental milling machine. Now, the companies said, titanium abutments and titanium-based hybrid implant restorations can be manufactured within ChairsideCAD software. The integrated workflow also enables users to complete all of the necessary steps under a consistent software interface, they added, from modeling and restoration to placing the work in the block.

The full material selection tested by vhf is available, so users also can choose from more than 800 prefab titanium abutments from 11 manufacturers. The ability to drill screw channels for ceramic implant restorations on titanium bases directly into ceramic blocks is economical as well, the company said, as it eliminates the need to use expensive prefabricated “meso” blocks. According to the companies, the University of Washington has confirmed the feasibility and economy of this procedure.

Also, the companies said, vhf has developed the Z4 for the sophisticated requirements of prosthetic same-day dentistry. The housing includes a high-precision milling and grinding machine for the wet processing of blocks. It is designed to produce perfect restorations made of glass-ceramics, PMMA, zirconia, and composites as well as prefabricated titanium abutments within minutes. With the tool-free block clamping system, the material block is automatically fixed and can be changed in seconds.

Z4’s integrated PC and touchscreen make it easy to control the work processes, the companies added. Together with its integrated compressed air generation, the companies said, the Z4 doesn’t require any connection other than a power supply, which means it can be set up anywhere in the practice.

And just as all vhf machines are open systems that can process all materials available on the market, the company said, exocad also allows the use of different scanners that are integrated in an easy to use workflow. ChairsideCAD is available in the European Union, United States (currently without the implant module), Japan, South Korea, and Australia.

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