Pulp Vitality Tester Helps Diagnose Patients’ Issues

Richard Gawel


Parkell’s Digitest 3 Pulp Vitality Tester electrically stimulates the tooth to test for vitality. Comparing the response to the stimulus of the suspected tooth with a known healthy tooth’s response can help dentists hone in on the source of the patient’s pain, Parkell said. As quarantine restrictions ease and patients return to the operatory to have long overdue needs addressed, it has never been more important for clinicians to have every diagnostic tool at their disposal, according to the company.

With the ability to offer the additional diagnostic test of electric stimulation, dentists are discovering they can more easily diagnose and treat problematic teeth that otherwise might have to forgo treatment until a later date, when the problem escalates with more severe symptoms, Parkell said. The ergonomically designed Digitest 3 has an intuitive, single-button control and can easily be programmed to accommodate every dentists’ personal settings preference, the company said. Plus, the four autoclavable probes promote easy access to all tooth surfaces.

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