Patients Recognize Need for Aftercare Advice

Dentistry Today


Most people recognize aftercare as crucial to the success of dental treatment, according to a survey by DentaVox. Most participants in the survey expect dental staff to explain the proper way to take care of their teeth after completing treatment.

Also, 69% of respondents said that recommendations should be made both during conversation and in writing, whether that’s in person or during a virtual appointment. Both approaches are necessary because it’s easy for patients to ask questions when they are talking with dental staff, but written guidance provides an opportunity to revisit instructions later when necessary.

While most patients prefer to be consulted by dental staff about the proper way to take care of their teeth after treatment, a very small share of respondents said researching on their own or asking other patients would be appropriate as well. According to DentaVox, this finding once again stresses the pivotal role that dental staff play beyond the treatment room.

Meanwhile, 29% of respondents said recommendations should be delivered in person, and two-thirds said a combination of face-to-face and digital communication is the most effective. These results highlight the importance of a good rapport between patients and dentists, DentaVox said, and show that materials such as pamphlets and emails won’t work on their own.

Email communication is the most appropriate digital channel for communication, respondents said, which DentaVox called surprising given the growing popularity of more interactive methods like messaging apps, which came in second place. DentaVox speculates that email is more popular because patients may perceive it to be more personalized.

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