Oral Cancer Risk Doesn’t Result in Lifestyle Changes



Mouth cancer risk is not enough to motivate most people to change their lifestyle.

A recent study showed that 20 million people wouldn’t change anything even if they knew it would lead directly to mouth cancer. In all, 30 percent of people said they wouldn’t eliminate smoking, drinking or an unhealthy diet even if they knew that doing so would directly correlate to a lower risk of developing oral cancer.

About one of every four participants in the study said they felt they were at risk of developing mouth cancer solely based on the way he or she lived.

The number of deaths from mouth cancer has continued to increase during the last several years. Survival rate is also not increasing based on the fact that many cases are not diagnosed until it’s too late.

Education about mouth cancer is essential to increase the survival rate, if nothing else. The cancer can be treated much more effectively if it’s detected sooner rather than later.