Vita Announces Several New Official Vita Certified Shade Labs



(Brea, CA) – VITA is pleased to announce that Puche Dental Lab, Innova Dental Inc., Magnusen Orthodontic Lab, Michaelangelo Dental Studio, Castable Ceramics, Artistic Dental Design, Inc., Pacific Dental Inc., Brabant Dental Lab, R-dent Dental Laboratory and Biogenic Dental Corp. have completed comprehensive shade training in VITA shade management and communication, earning recognition as official VITA Certified Shade Laboratories. To achieve this designation, each lab underwent extensive VITA specific training to increase their shade management proficiency. With this new expertise, the labs are able to offer expert advice and case planning support to their customers, while acting as the ultimate resource in shade management and esthetics by minimizing remakes, improving shade accuracy and producing accurate shade communication.
To achieve ideal outcomes, the new VITA Certified Shade Labs can utilize VITA’s superior shade taking products and materials, including the VITA Easyshade Compact, VITA Classical Shade Guide, VITA 3D-Master Shade Guide, VITA Bleachedguide 3D-Master and VITA Linearguide 3D-Master. As part of their certification, the labs have the ability to provide VITA shade devices directly to their clientele.
Vident has been a provider of innovative dental products since 1985 and is the North American subsidiary of VITA, manufacturer of the internationally recognized Classical Shade Guide, 3D-Master Shade System, Easyshade Compact, VITA ENAMIC and other quality VITA restorative materials. For information, call 800-828-3839 or visit Vident’s website at