Darby Dental Supply Donates Massive Truckload of Supplies to the Philippines



Jericho, NY (November 20, 2013) – For its latest philanthropic endeavor, Darby Dental Supply, LLC, the largest all-telesales national distributor of dental merchandise, donated a full truckload of relief supplies to survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. 

Jam-packed with numerous containers of dental and hygiene products and various infection control items including gloves and respirator masks, the truckload of contributed supplies were used to support the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan, the second-deadliest Philippine typhoon recorded in history. The natural disaster claimed the lives of nearly 4,000 people in the Philippines alone, with an estimated 1,200 still missing.

“The situation in the Philippines is just truly devastating and we knew we had to act quickly," remarked Liz Meyers, Vice President Marketing & Purchasing at Darby Dental Supply.  “Hopefully the many items that we’ve contributed will address some of the sanitization issues that are taking place right now and be welcome by the survivors who are currently suffering a great deal. We couldn’t just sit and watch TV and observe what is happening. Based on what we’ve seen through all the media coverage, the people in the Philippines just absolutely need everything; they were left with nothing and they’re fighting for survival."

Though Darby Dental Supply acted alone in its most recent relief efforts for the Philippines, throughout the years the company has partnered many times with Physicians for Peace, a nonprofit organization that supports and empowers healthcare professionals working with the world’s underserved populations. 

Darby has been partnering with the nonprofit organization for quite some time now and has been a regular contributor, benefitting countless healthcare facilities around the world. With the help of Physicians for Peace, Darby most recently contributed a large amount of dental and hygiene supplies to Hôpital Albert Schweitzer in Haiti, and has helped various Physicians for Peace partners in the Dominican Republic, Malawi, the Philippines, and the West Bank. 

However, Darby Dental Supply’s past diverse philanthropic efforts include both local and international relief efforts. The company has adopted a “think globally, act locally” philanthropic philosophy, encouraging its employees who want to help the less fortunate to make a donation to their local Red Cross chapter. Most recently, Darby employees contributed to national Red Cross efforts in order to help those affected by the recent tornado in Oklahoma, and also placed an emphasis on local Long Island residents who were affected by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

The company is also a huge supporter of the military, providing numerous contributions throughout the years to U.S. troops deployed overseas. In addition, Darby provided much-needed medical supplies to a makeshift shelter in Kesennuma, Japan that was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami.

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