Oral Cancer Can Come from Alcohol Consumption



The risk of cancer may be increased by alcohol consumption.

A new study from Oxford University claims that 1 out of 10 cancer cases in men come from alcohol and 1 in 33 cases for women. Drinking may cause oral cancer, as well as breast cancer and esophageal cancer.

One of the discoveries of the study is that alcohol is a top risk factor for various forms of cancer. Drinking in moderate levels may the risk of cancer, but it’s binge drinking and drinking heavily over longer periods that increase cancer risk even further.

This study was determined based on Europeans who volunteered to take part. Based on the evidence, alcohol raises the cancer risk for men more than it does for women. The study based its information on people who consumed the recommended daily intake of alcohol.

Alcohol was most associated with cancers in the esophagus and throat region, including the pharynx.

Most people are not aware of the possible effects alcohol consumption has related to cancer. The goal for some groups now is to increase awareness for people so they don’t have to worry about getting cancer and the other dental-related issues that may