Dental Laboratory Technology educators at the lab summit 2011

Dentistry Today


The 2011 Chicago’s Midwinter Dental Meeting was held on February 22-26. The week’s activities were extensive, informative and surely eye opening. The Lab Summit held on February 23, 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel was one of such meeting. There the group of prominent members of our profession met to discuss the present and the future of DLT education and profession.

From left: Mrs. Rella Christensen, Prof. Dana Cohen, Prof. Renata Budny, Dr. Burney Croll, Prof. Anita M. Bobich, Dr. Bill Yancey, Dr. Gordon Christensen, Prof. Betty L. Mitchell, Prof. Arex Cohen, and Prof. Nicholas Manos.

Dr. Gordon Christensen, Dr. William Yancey and Dr. Burney Croll led the Lab Summit proceedings. Also attending the session were members of the DLT educational community of ADA accredited programs including Prof.’s Arex and Dana Cohen from Los Angeles Community College, CA, Prof. Anita M. Bobich from Pasadena City College, CA Prof. Betty L. Mitchell from Kirkwood Community College, IA , Prof. Renata Budny and Prof. Nicholas Manos from New York City College of Technology, NY. After numerous discussions the DLT educators have agreed to collaborate on areas of concern such as intergrading new technologies, student productivity, industry support, and recognition for the programs. Much still need to be discussed but the path to national collaboration is on the way.